The horse has long been a respected and favored animal in Great Britain. By 2500 B.C., tribes in Britain had domesticated horses and used them to pull carts. When the Roman conquest took place, armies of the tribes of Britain included thousands of chariots. In the Middle Ages, the English began to employ horses for various purposes, including agriculture and tournaments. By the 12th century, there was widespread horse ownership and horse breeding.

As it is known today, horse racing was brought to England while James VI of Scotland reigned as king of both countries (1603–1625). King James organized public…

Sports betting has been popular for decades. But for a long time, it was illegal in most of the United States. That’s very different from the United Kingdom. Bookmaking has been a recognized profession there for generations. Sports betting has been available in the UK for over three centuries, with specific focus on horse racing. Recently, things have been changing. Sports betting has been legalized. It’s finally going mainstream in the US. This is a good time to think about the whys and hows of how this came to be.

The US has a long history of sports betting. In…

When a landmark 2018 Supreme Court decision said sports betting bans were unconstitutional, many people assumed that sports betting would start happening everywhere. However, it’s a few years later, and many areas still outlaw sports betting. It is helpful to learn a little about the history of sports betting to gain a better understanding of why it is still illegal.

Anti-Gambling Laws Go Back to the United States’ Religious Roots
The whole reason so many states have strict anti-gambling laws goes back to the founding of the nation. At the time, gambling was seen as immoral and potentially dangerous, so very…

Everyone’s heard about the impact algorithms have on the success of online ventures. Algorithms determine how much money YouTubers make, for example. Google’s algorithm is responsible for the order of search results. All of these applications for algorithms have real impacts on people’s incomes. Clearly, it’s becoming more important for people to understand what an algorithm does, even if they don’t work as developers.

Algorithms are basically a set of instructions. In traditional math, an algorithm is a roadmap for solving a problem in a number of well-defined steps. …

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our society in many ways, including affecting the overall economy of the country. For investors, this means facing significant losses as the result of a locked-down system. Those losses have changed the risks investors are willing to take, so the first step is to reassess the acceptable risks you can take with your portfolio. Once you establish your new risk tolerance, you’ll be ready to create a new investment strategy.

Establish New Goals
Before COVID-19, you may have been well on your way toward achieving your goal of early retirement, but the economic…

If you want to become a serious sports bettor, then you have to learn how to manage your bankroll. A great way to do this is by wagering the same amount of money on every bet you place. This allows you to focus solely on finding the best value bets on a given day. It is generally recommended that you bet one to two percent of your bankroll on each wager, but this amount may need to change over time. These are the four times when you should starting adjusting your sports bets.

Extended Winning Streak
The goal of every sports…

Sports betting is a popular way for fans to connect and interact with their favorite games. The entire process has become much easier in recent years as the country gradually relaxes its sports betting laws. While several new states made sports betting legal in 2020, the lack of organized sporting events has made it tough to place a bet. Luckily, sports are quickly coming back. These are the four best sports to bet on in 2020.

Horse Races
Horse races have been a popular sport to bet on since the 1600’s, originating in the United Kingdom. There are a few factors…

The world of sports is fascinating and multifaceted. It’s no wonder, then, why so many college students opt for majors in sports-related fields such as exercise physiology or sports management.

There’s much more to sports than the action on the field or the court. Putting together a successful sporting organization requires talent in a wide array of fields, including business management and planning, recruiting strategies, marketing, logistics, and more.

There’s a reason that many sports management professionals make six figures or sometimes more: the work requires a well-developed set of skills that are typically honed over the years on the…

The impact of the novel coronavirus has been felt around the world, and sporting events are no exception. Hundreds of national sporting events and thousands of local sporting events have been canceled as the virus wreaks havoc across the globe. These are just some of the sports and events that have been impacted.

  1. Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Originally scheduled for this summer, the event is now rescheduled for July 23-August 8, 2021.
  2. South Korea Football League: Resumed playing without fans in attendance on May 8.
  3. Bundesliga Football League: Resumed playing without fans in attendance on May 16.
  4. English Premier League, Serie…

Sports betting is considered a viable alternative way of investment. An investor is likely to realize both negative and positive returns. Just like any other type of betting, an element of variance and luck is present. However, if approached correctly, sports betting can be a good investment. Here are some tips on making sport betting a good investment.

Data-driven strategies
Most individuals assume their knowledge of sports puts them in a position to earn money in sports betting. It doesn’t work like that. An individual needs statistical data that relates to previous matches and sports events. It is also important to…

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