Great Sports To Bet On In 2020

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Sports betting is a popular way for fans to connect and interact with their favorite games. The entire process has become much easier in recent years as the country gradually relaxes its sports betting laws. While several new states made sports betting legal in 2020, the lack of organized sporting events has made it tough to place a bet. Luckily, sports are quickly coming back. These are the four best sports to bet on in 2020.

Horse Races
Horse races have been a popular sport to bet on since the 1600’s, originating in the United Kingdom. There are a few factors that make horse racing such an attractive investment option. Because it is legal across most countries around the world, it makes horse racing an attractive option to bet on. Additionally, its long history makes it known as one of the biggest spectator sports to date, which can draw it more attention towards betting.

The 2020 MLB season has been delayed several months, but it is finally getting ready to start next week. The delay has resulted in a shortened schedule with less planned off days for the teams. This means there will be plenty of games to bet on the rest of the year. If you do not want to wait for the MLB season to start, then you can always place a bet on the Korean or Japanese leagues.

While betting on regular-season games is great, there is just something more exciting about betting on playoff games. These games are more intense and competitive than regular-season games. After a short delay, the NBA is planning on beginning their playoff schedule in August. This will give you two great months of basketball games to bet on.

Football is easily the most popular sport in the United States. The vast majority of sports bets in this country are placed on football games. That does not look like it will change in 2020. While most sports organizations had to alter their seasons this year, the 2020 NFL season looks like it will happen with no issues. You can start wagering on your favorite NFL teams in September.

Combat Sports
Boxing and MMA were two of the first sports to return after the forced delay earlier in the year. The ability to keep the fighters separated, leading up to the fight, eliminates a lot of the challenges of holding sports right now. In order to make up for any lost time, there are big boxing and MMA events scheduled nearly every week for the rest of the year. The short nature of the fights brings a level of excitement that cannot be experienced when betting on other sports.

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