The Significance of the New Restrictions on Sports Amid the Coronavirus

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2 min readJul 30, 2020


The impact of the novel coronavirus has been felt around the world, and sporting events are no exception. Hundreds of national sporting events and thousands of local sporting events have been canceled as the virus wreaks havoc across the globe. These are just some of the sports and events that have been impacted.

  1. Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Originally scheduled for this summer, the event is now rescheduled for July 23-August 8, 2021.
  2. South Korea Football League: Resumed playing without fans in attendance on May 8.
  3. Bundesliga Football League: Resumed playing without fans in attendance on May 16.
  4. English Premier League, Serie A, Spanish La Liga, Super Lig: Resumed playing in June.
  5. Major League Soccer (MLS): Tournament running from July 8-August 11.
  6. Confederation of African Football (CAF): All matches postponed until further notice.
  7. Russian Premier League: Resumed play on June 19.
  8. Belgian Cup Final: Rescheduled for August 1.
  9. African Nations Championship: Postponed indefinitely.
  10. Copa America: Postponed until 2021.
  11. Euro 2020 (Men & Women’s): Postponed until 2021.
  12. Asian World Cup: Postponed indefinitely.
  13. Asian Champions League: Resumes in September.
  14. Dutch Football League: Postponed indefinitely.
  15. London Marathon: Postponed until October 4.
  16. Boston, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona Marathons: Cancelled.
  17. World Athletics Championship: Rescheduled for July 2022.
  18. World Para Athletics European Championship: Postponed to 2021.
  19. Formula One: Resumes its season, without fans, in July. Many individual events have been canceled.
  20. Indianapolis 500: Rescheduled for August 23.
  21. 2020 Wimbledon Championship: Cancelled.
  22. French Open: Rescheduled for September 20.
  23. Boxing: Multiple flights have been canceled.
  24. National Basketball Association (NBA): Resumes play on July 30.
  25. Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA): Draft held virtually. Season postponed indefinitely.

Other sports have been affected as well, with many events being canceled, including rugby, golf, cycling, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, judo, weightlifting, skiing, wrestling, horse racing, badminton, sumo, canoeing, and swimming.

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