What Are Great Resources For Learning More About How Sports Work?

The world of sports is fascinating and multifaceted. It’s no wonder, then, why so many college students opt for majors in sports-related fields such as exercise physiology or sports management.

There’s much more to sports than the action on the field or the court. Putting together a successful sporting organization requires talent in a wide array of fields, including business management and planning, recruiting strategies, marketing, logistics, and more.

There’s a reason that many sports management professionals make six figures or sometimes more: the work requires a well-developed set of skills that are typically honed over the years on the job.

Thanks to the esports boom, professional development opportunities are more abundant than ever in the sports industry. In this article, we’ll review some of the best resources for learning about how sports work “on the ground.”

Sports Business Journal
The Sports Business Journal, or SBJ, as readers call it, is the gold standard authority on the business side of sports. From prescient market research to tracking compensation across sports and leagues, SBJ offers substantial insight into the financial aspects of professional sports.

Human Kinetics
Human Kinetics is a fascinating blend of exercise physiology, motivational psychology, team management, and leadership development. For a holistic introduction to what it takes to become great in the arena of competitive sports, Human Kinetics is indispensable reading.

Sports Management Resources
Sports Management Resources, or SMR, maintains a blog, newsletter, and other publications containing practical tips and information on sports management that its large reader base of aspiring and current sports professionals find useful.

Work In Sports
Work In Sports is the premier job board of the professional sports industry. From personal trainers to front office personnel to medical staff, Work In Sports offers something for everyone who hopes to break into the industry.

The North American Society for Sports Management
The North American Society for Sports Management is widely considered the leading professional organization devoted entirely to the many facets of sports management. The site is full of practical resources to advance your career in the field.

These represent the top sources of information related to the sports management profession. Staying up to date with these sites will keep you abreast of what’s happening in the fast-paced world of sports.

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