When Is Sports Betting A Good Investment?

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2 min readJul 7, 2020


Sports betting is considered a viable alternative way of investment. An investor is likely to realize both negative and positive returns. Just like any other type of betting, an element of variance and luck is present. However, if approached correctly, sports betting can be a good investment. Here are some tips on making sport betting a good investment.

Data-driven strategies
Most individuals assume their knowledge of sports puts them in a position to earn money in sports betting. It doesn’t work like that. An individual needs statistical data that relates to previous matches and sports events. It is also important to consider elements like coaches’ comments, slight injuries, and weather during the matches. This information is crucial in generating a betting strategy.

Value bets
Value bets are considered to be wagers in undervalued markets. Sometimes the public gets on a specific side of the betting line. One doesn’t need a winning record to make good profit from sports betting. Making value bets can make more money than the same number of bets set by another person. For example, someone with five value bets can make +10 units more than someone with five bets that do not have value.

Bankroll management
This is how much an individual makes in a bet per play. Every investor aims at getting money for what they invest. The problem is that many gamblers do not use bankroll management. They lose a lot of money in the long run. Their loss is the reason why sport betting companies get their profits. The two variations to be considered in bankroll management are units and percentage of bankroll. The unit approach entails placing a fixed amount on a bet. Placing on fixed bets or higher on these units requires a less amount to profit than less. Percentage bankroll management balances risks and potential wins in a bet. If one is confident about a bet, they can place a higher percentage. If they are less confident, they can place a lower percentage.

Consistency in sports betting investment is essential. A bettor ought to be constant to make profits to be successful. One can make value on bets by placing a single bet. Accumulating bets can lead to losing drastically. Being consistent on single bets ensures a better way to get profit.

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